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UWIM - a blockchain made for you.

UWIM is an international decentralized platform, which let you:

  • Make a personalized token for yourself or your business in just a few minutes.
  • Attract investments in your token from other people without intermediaries.
  • Place a token on uwim-defi and get rewards for it.
We are creating the future
UWIM mission: Society development using blockchain technologies that are easy to use and clear to everyone.
Whith UWIM: creating your own token and getting rewards for its operations with UWIM has become as simple as make a profile on social networks.
Why do I need a personal token if I am not a famous person?
If you create a token and place it on “uwim-exchange”, you will receive rewards from the platform every day, even if you are its only holder-investor.
How much does it cost to create your own token?
Creating a token on UWIM is free and will only take you a few minutes.
Can I attract investment in my startup or non-profit idea?
Yes, every person or company can do it, that is why we have created the "StartUp" token
Why create your own token in UWIM?
  • When you create a token for your business, you will be able to attract investments for its development, announce your business to a big audience, give bonuses to your customers in the form of loyalty points and create affiliate programs.
  • A personalized token can be a tool for investment and accumulating funds, which you can manage as its author. You can quickly and safely get funds for an old dream. If you have your own token, you reduce your dependence on market manipulation and the global economy.
  • You can create tokens for the development of your startup: for the implementation of commercial and non-commercial projects, scientific research, charity, etc. People will be able to invest in your idea without any commissions and restrictions anywhere in the world.
UWIM Token standards
  • My - the basic token intended for personal use to accumulate and popularize your personality or team. In order to get the platform rewards and the token rate growth compared to the base coin, it should be placed on the DEFI exchange.
  • Drop - a loyalty program token, it is your gratitude for actions of your friends, subscribers or business customers. This standard token does not have a specific value and can only be transferred.
  • Thx - thank you token, thanks from your audience to you or your team. The token is mostly used for donation. Users can only buy this token.
  • StartUp - your idea token, which allows you to get support for your undertaking. You need to present your idea on the platform and think over all project's development stages in a sufficient and clear way. Users can only buy this token on various terms. The token pretends for further listing.
  • Business - existing business or project token that allows you to get support for your business development. It is enough to tell about your business and write out all the conditions for business development to get support. Users can only buy this token on various terms. The token pretends for further listing.
  • Trade – a trade token that has already passed the stages of development and has a public DEFI exchange offering. Users can create pools of liquidity and instantly buy and sell the token, which has a dynamic rate.
  • Payable - a token, which allows you to get additional rewards from its holder in addition to its possession. This token has already passed the stages of development and has a public DEFI exchange offering. Users can create pools of liquidity and instantly buy and sell the token, which has a dynamic rate.
On the UWIM platform, token standards can be combined or transferred from one to another during development. You can also attach one or more smart contracts to certain standards.
UWIM token types
  • Personal Token – token attached to your personality.
  • Team Token - token attached to a group of people.
  • NFT Token (coming soon) - a token with unique instances.
More about standards and types
Own decentralized exchange where you can place any token created in the UWIM blockchain for free.
Unlike other decentralized exchanges, each token can be accredited (confirmed by the holder), can have its own card with detailed information about its application in “UWIM-EXCHANGE”. Changes in the card are recorded in the blockchain. All participants in the liquidity pool can receive rewards from the platform and the token holder.
At the stage of platform extension, the token rate will grow compared to UWM even if you do not perform any transactions on the exchange.
UWM - The main currency of the platform
The number of UWMs is limited to 1 billion tokens. Their issue will end in November 2021 before listing on exchanges.
Tokensale stages:
1. August 2020, the first tokens (Airdrop) were issued for the first participants of the platform.
2. September 2020, the platform provided closed early access to private investors. UWM was equal to the arithmetic average of 10 world fiat currencies, whose average rate was $ 0.7.
3. June 2021, the main part of the platform will be launched and a presale will be open for everyone
4. August 2021, an open token sale and an IDO procedure will take place
5. November 2021, the tokens sale will be stopped, the stage of listing on exchanges will begin
October 2019
Blockchain development and UWIM v 0.0.1 test launch
February 2020
UWIM Wallet and UWIM Explorer development
UWIM Wallet (Universal web wallet for UWM coins storage and usage) and UWIM Explorer (UWIM blockchain explorer that allows you to check any event in the net) development and testing
April 20, 2020
Stacking Bot Development
UWIM Stacking development and testing - Affiliate program for the AirDrop stage and early access
June 15, 2020
The official project website first launch
June 30, 2020
The main network launch
The main project network and the website launch, start of initial early access, the UWIM Stacking system launch
October 30, 2020
UWIM DAPPS development
Network platform development for UWIM DAPPS creating (decentralized applications)
March 1, 2021
UWIM DAPPS in the test network launch, beta testing
March 5, 2021
Main network update
Global network update to a new stable version UWIM v1.0.0
April 1, 2021
The platform opens the basic user tokens creation possibility
May 2021
The first system smart contracts for exchanging tokens and delegation are added to the platform
May 2021
Mobile application - UWIM Wallet Mobile launch - a mobile application for the wallet easy access
June 2021
The first version of the UWIM custom token platform with a record of changes in blockchain launch
Q3 2021
Launch of constructors for tokens and smart contracts creation on the website
Q3 2021
Launch of the DEFI UWIM Token Exchange
Q3 2021
Wallet, Mobile, Exchange UI Update
Q3 2021
Team Token, NFT Token Developmen
Q3 2021
'Musk Fund' Launch
Q3 2021
Launch of cross-chain, IDO project
Q4 2021
Statistics expanded version for the trading convenience on DEFI launch
Q4 2021
Completion of the UWM coin distribution stage - Genesis will complete the main stage of the reward for the blocks formation
The first stages of listing on external exchanges
Q4 2021
Burning the initial pool of coins for rapid increase in the rate
The volume of coins distributed initially will be destroyed during the live broadcast. It will lead to a decrease in the total number of coins and, as a result, to an increase in the rate on the exchanges
Q4 2021
Attracting experts for the Musk Fund
Q1 2022
UWM listings on external exchanges
UWIM Support