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UWIM affiliate program
Updated terms of the affiliate program aimed at the platform popularization.
One-level affiliate program with a referral system
You need to have the required number of coins on the system balance to obtain the status of a partner. The referral link becomes available after the first purchase.
Participate in the affiliate program
Partner statuses:
from 100 uwm +1% (User)
from 500 uwm +2% (Pro)
from 1,000 uwm +3% (Platinum)
from 10,000 uwm +5% (Diamond)
This is an additional reward for a partner, depending on their number of coins in the system. Interest is accrued exclusively for the new coins purchase in the system.
The minimum partner reward is available when buying an attracted referral from 100 uwm per transaction. The partner receives a percentage of all transactions of his referrals until the end of the issue.
Affiliate charges for a referral link:
from 100 uwm 3% (User)
from 500 uwm 4% (Pro)
from 1,000 uwm 5% (Platinum)
from 10,000 uwm 8% (Diamond)
For each transaction made by a referral, their partner receives a reward from the system in the amount of: Status +% of the transaction. The terms of the affiliate program do not apply to all types of gift tokens.
51 million coins have been allocated in advance for the affiliate program smart contract (the total number of bonuses that all platform participants can receive).
Example 1:
Nick has 2450 uwm on his account. He attracted a new user to the system via the referral link who bought 500 uwm. Nick will receive 4% per transaction + 3% for partner status. Eventually, Nick will receive: 7% = 35 uwm from an affiliate transaction of 500 uwm. Nick will continue receiving a partner reward according to the system's calculations with each next purchase.
Example 2:
Alex is a new system user and has not put any money on his wallet yet. However, he already wants to tell his friends about the project. Referral link is available from 1 uwm. Alex invited a new user, who bought 500 uwm. Since Alex does not have any status, he will receive only 4% per transaction + 0% for partner status. In total, Alexey will receive: 4% = 20 uwm from an affiliate transaction of 500 uwm.
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