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Become a memberArrow
For UWIM network partners

The network has an affiliate program during the UWIM Sale stage.

1 million UWM have been allocated for the program implementation according to tokenomics

Any participant who has passed the KYC procedure in their personal account on the website and who has done any operation of at least 100 UWM in their transit address can automatically use the affiliate link. The link is available in your personal account.

Affiliate remuneration is 5% and is credited to the transit address of your personal account automatically.

For UWIM Network Delegators

Any network member can delegate UWM coins to a validator. Each validator can individually set conditions for delegators. The official UWIM node has a value: Delegator offer limit 0.600 (60% of the validator`s reward) according to the WhitePaper

Coins delegation is carried out through a smart contract of the validator and is an absolutely safe tool. The validator will not be able to collect and use your coins. You can get the delegated coins and the reward at any time.

For UWIM network validators

UWIM network participants who have their own node can become a validator and participate in the consensus, the minimum number of tokens for participation is 10,000 UWM. Award policy according to the UWIM Whitepaper until 2026, starting from the third era:

Rewarded tokens
Tokens delegated/Liquidity
Emit Rate
Halving Rate
Block after charge
50 000 000
1 000 000
17 500 000
67 500 000
2 000 000
1 180
17 955 000
84 455 000
3 000 000
1 770

Each network validator has a delegation contract and can create its own reward policy. The validator tokens will be locked at your _nd address to participate in the consensus. The minimum server Uptime is 99.98%, in case of unstable work, your node may be excluded from the list of validators.

Contact us by email or Telegram to apply for your consideration as a validator of the UWIM network.