2019-2020: arrow
verified Q4 2019
  • Idea generation, team building
  • MVP blockchain development and UWIM test network v 0.0.1 launch
  • Start of the Seed stage
verified Q1 2020
  • Development and testing of UWIM Wallet (Universal web wallet for UWM coins storage and use)
  • Development and testing of UWIM Explorer (UWIM blockchain explorer that allows checking any event on the network)
verified Q2 2020
  • Development and testing of UWIM Stacking - Affiliate program for the AirDrop and early access stage
  • The first version of the project's official website creation
  • The main project network and the uwim.io website launch, the start of primary early access, the UWIM Stacking system launch
  • Start of the Pre-sale stage
verified Q3 - Q4 2020
  • Refinement of the UWIM network core
  • Development of a network platform for UWIM DAPPS (decentralized applications) creation
2021: arrow
verified Q1 2021
  • Global network upgrade to the new stable version of UWIM v1.0.0
  • Launch of UWIM DAPPS in the testnet, beta testing
  • Completion of the first network era
verified Q2 2021
  • The platform opens the opportunity to create basic user tokens
  • The first system smart contracts are added to the platform for the exchange of tokens and delegation
  • Mobile application - Launch of UWIM Wallet Mobile - a mobile application for easy access to the wallet. Available for Android
  • The first version of the UWIM user token platform launch with changes record in the blockchain
verified Q3 2021
  • Launch of constructors for creating tokens and smart contracts on the site
  • Updating the user interface Wallet, Mobile
  • Development of a new type of NFT Token
  • Launching the DEX exchange of UWIM tokens
clock Q4 2021
  • Updating the interface of the mobile application
  • Launching the Sale stage
  • Updating the interfaces of the main site, Wallet, Explorer
  • Release of libraries for working with UWIM Node
  • Opening the possibility of creating NFT-tokens in the network
  • DEX update
  • Completion of the second era of the network, Genesis will complete the main stage of reward for block formation and the mechanism of transition to the accepted tokenomics will be launched
  • Launch of contracts of a lock, fund , the eco-system contract
  • Launch of sales of allocations on platforms
  • Creation and testing of bridges with Ethereum, Binance SC
2022: arrow
clock Q1 2022
  • Expanding the functionality of the UWIM ecosystem
  • Finalization of the core and consensus
  • Launch of the DAO standard on the UWIM network
  • DEX Ecosystem Update
  • Launch DAPPS: MineGeld
  • Launch DAPPS: Roshan Defense
  • The beginning of the development of a contract constructor for Ethereum networks, BSC
  • Conducting the Private Sale stage
clock Q2 2022
  • Completion of the Sale stage, IDO
  • Launching bridges with Ethereum, Binance SC
  • Burning unallocated tokens
  • Wallet: Launching a multi-currency DEX solution with Uniswap connection, Pancake
  • Launch of MVP external token constructor for Ethereum, BSC networks
  • Creating the first 5 contracts for the external constructor
  • Listings on centralized exchanges
  • DEX: DEX contract will be available from mobile app
clock Q3 2022
  • Wallet: Upgrade with non-custodial mode
  • Extending the functionality of the external token constructor
  • DEX: Derivatives trading
  • Tokens: Additions of accreditation mechanism
  • Votes: Forum for discussion and new interface
  • Donates: Donate platform with transactions through the site
  • Payments: Solution for projects with payment in tokens
  • Payments: Solution for projects with payment of UWM
  • NFT: Platform for the initial sale of NFT
  • LaunchPad: Launch of UWIM LaunchPad based on the StartUp contract
  • Education: Separate platform with regular training events
clock Q4 2022
  • Launch of a store of contracts for crypto developers
  • Wallet: Commercial version of hardware
  • Tokens: Opportunities for promoting tokens on the platform
  • Tokens: Built-in audit of platform token and token standards
  • Votes: Adding a token voting mechanism
  • Donates: Donate mechanics via QR code and browser extension
  • Payments : Update with express transactions
  • NFT: Integration of secondary sale with DEX
  • LaunchPad: Integration with the UWIM Foundation
  • Launch of the UWIM Fund
  • Donates: Integration with popular streaming platforms
  • Developers: UBD open platform for business
  • Formation of the expert commission of the fund
  • Fund: Launch of the first projects for receiving grants in tokens