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The UWIM platform tokensale was officially launched in September 2020 and will continue until November 2021. The final stage of the tokensale finishes at 1 billion tokens issued threshold.
Tokensale is divided into three main stages:
Airdrop + fixed rate
Private investment sales
Public sale ICO + IDO + Airdrop
1. Airdrop + Fixed Rate:
Product development was in progress from Fall 2019 to July 2020. The UWIM project first announced itself privately In August 2020. At that time the primary platform UWIM Blockchain v 0.1 was implemented and an airdrop was made for the first platform participants from 1 to 7 uwm per user.
The UWIM rate from August 2020 to June 2021 was equal to the arithmetic average of 10 world fiat currencies, whose average rate was $ 0.7. At this stage of the UWIM token sale, more than 100,000 tokens were provided to the target audience, who actively participated in the project's bounty company.
2. Closed investment sales:
The second stage of the UWIM token sale was launched in June 2021. The exchange rate was separated from 10 world fiat currencies and a new quotation took place at $ 1 for 1 company token. The main part of the platform for project users has been launched as the creation of your own personal token and mobile application.
At this stage of tokensale, a private sale of tokens to large investors takes place at a new price of $ 1 with the opportunity to deploy their nodes and acquire a stake in the company. In total, a 10% stake in the company is put up for sale at a price of $ 100,000 for 1% of assets. Small investors can buy from 10 uwm at the old price of $ 0.7 per token until May 31, 2021. The preparation for the third stage of tokensale is taking place where public sale of UWIM tokens will be available.
3. Public sale of ICO + IDO + Airdrop:
The third stage of the UWIM token sale will take place From August 1st,2021. A public sale of tokens will take place at the global level during this stage. UWIM tokens will be available for purchase by users of all countries of the world for four month. Tokens will be sold at a fixed cost of $ 1 = 1 uwm at the stage of the public ICO. IDO implies individual bonus conditions that will be determined in June 2021 during the preparation for the third stage of the token sale.
Each user can create their own personal token with a smart contract at this stage, get accreditation and develop their own project based on the UWIM project. Each new user automatically becomes a member of the airdrop and receives 1 uwm on the account. In total, 50 million tokens have been allocated for the bounty campaign. 100 million tokens will be available for free sale.
Its own uniswap exchange UWIM will be launched during the third stage of the token sale, where any user can place their personal tokens and receive mining from the platform.
Tokens distribution at the listing time
At the time of listing, a maximum of 101M UWM tokens will be available on the market.
1. Genesis address (for re-issue) (emission)

After the UWM coins issue completion, 44.9% of all coins will be sent back to the genesis address for re-issue as a reward for mining to validators. If some of the tokens are not sold and distributed at the token sale + ido stage, they will also be sent to the genesis address.
449M (UWM) 44.9%
2. Defi bonus fund (locked)

These coins will be sent to the bonus fund Smart Contract to reward new tokens that are placed on UWIM DeFi.
300M (UWM) 30%
3. Musk fund (locked)

The project team has always been excited with the idea of ​​supporting startups aimed at the world and humanity development. The UWIM team plans to nominate at least 10 well-known experts from around the world who will evaluate the brightest initiatives of the platform participants.
100M (UWM) 10%
4. Token sale + ido (locked)

These are all coins available for public sale that will be in circulation. Token sale will be completed on November 8th, 2021, or upon the sale of coins, whichever comes first. There will no longer be any other UWM available for sale. If UWM tokens will not be fully distributed and sold before November 8th, 2021, they will go to genesis address
97.82M (UWM) 9.782 %
5. Eco system (uwm for company nodes) (Locked)

Coins placed on the company's own nodes to maintain the blockchain. These coins cannot be taken from the node. The conditions are listed in the smart contract
50M (UWM) 5%
6. Bounty bonus

Coins for people and companies that help in the platform development and popularization.
1M (UWM) 0.1%
7. Pre-sale (first investors) for 1$

Coins sold at the token sale first stage to large project investors.
1.32M (UWM) 0.132%
8. Private sale for 0.7$

Coins sold at a very early stage of the platform development.
0.86M (UWM) 0.086%
Coins burning will take place in several stages. The first burning of 140 million tokens + burning of tokens that will remain after the public sale will take place in November 2021, immediately after the end of the UWIM issue. The remaining 200 million tokens will be burned during 2022 in equal shares.

Find out the information about the full map of the project technology development on the RoadMap page.
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