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What is UWIM and UWM
UWIM is an international decentralized platform, which let any person or company create their personalized token in just a few minutes using a convenient constructor and personalize it.
You do not need to involve a team of blockchain specialists, millions of budgets and long years of development to create your own token. It is only necessary to select the type of token, set its parameters (name, initial emission, fill in the token card description, select the purpose of creation and, if desired, go through the data confirmation procedure so that other network participants can see that you are the one who you claim to be.
UWIM Mission
We create the future. UWIM mission: make blockchain technologies and their commercialization simple, convenient and clear for everyone.
The main goal of the UWIM Team is to create an ecosystem that let blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies move to a new stage of development and become an obvious, easy-to-use tool available to everyone.
Nowadays, the creation of cryptocurrencies is the most complex technological operation available to a very limited number of users (with technical knowledge in the programming field).
Before the UWIM creation, there were practically no prepared solutions that absolutely anyone could use to improve the quality of their life (even a child with minimal computer skills).
With UWIM, creating your own token and getting rewards for its operations has become as simple as make a profile on social networks.
UWM - The main currency of the platform
The number of UWMs is limited to 1 billion tokens. Their issue will end in November 2021 before listing on exchanges.
Tokensale stages:
1. August 2020, the first tokens (Airdrop) were issued for the first participants of the platform.
2. September 2020, the platform provided closed early access to private investors. UWM was equal to the arithmetic average of 10 world fiat currencies, whose average rate was $ 0.7.
3. June 2021, the main part of the platform will be launched and a presale will be open for everyone
4. August 2021, an open token sale and an IDO procedure will take place
5. November 2021, the tokens sale will be stopped, the stage of listing on exchanges will begin
More about Tokensale
  • If you want to create a token and a smart contract, you need to have deep technical knowledge and in most cases, involve third-party developers. On various platforms that offer this function, the procedure for a token creation is different. Some platforms require knowledge and programming skills (various programming languages ​​are used, which complicates the process of finding a specialist), on other platforms, the creation process is simple, but the possibilities are very limited (which leads to the creation inexpediency, as there is no further use).
  • Most of the existing platforms are focused on complete decentralization, and enthusiasts or third-party developers do the final product development. It leads to a large loss of operational time, difficulties for the consumer and large commissions for any operations. Different tools for token holders are present on different platforms, making them impossible to use. Major global companies only offer blockchain technology but do not deal with integration tools and features for most users. A number of platforms operate on the already aging PoW consensus, which leads to high fees due to the workloads in a smart contract number.
  • On most platforms, the creation of tokens is completely anonymous, which leads to a large number of fraudulent actions on the part of token creators, and this negatively affects the market as a whole. For example, a huge number of companies and individuals conducted ICOs and then closed the project and distribute tokens in the crowdfunding market. Taking into consideration that an overwhelming majority of them did so - it is difficult for an ordinary market participant to distinguish fraudulent and fair companies or individuals.
Why create your own token in UWIM?
  • When you create a token for your business, you will be able to attract investments for its development, announce your business to a big audience, give bonuses to your customers in the form of loyalty points and create affiliate programs.
  • A personalized token can be a tool for investment and accumulating funds, which you can manage as its author. You can quickly and safely get funds for an old dream. If you have your own token, you reduce your dependence on market manipulation and the global economy.
  • You can create tokens for the development of your startup: for the implementation of commercial and non-commercial projects, scientific research, charity, etc. People will be able to invest in your idea without any commissions and restrictions anywhere in the world.
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