UWIM is an international decentralized platform where any person or company can create their own personalized token in just a few minutes, using a convenient constructor.

You do not need to involve a team of blockchain specialists, large budgets and long years of development to create your own token. You only need to create a token in the web console, indicating the name, label and maximum emission. Then a user can attach the required smart contract and add extensions to it using the constructor. All operations with your token are carried out through transactions in the network.

UWM - the basic unit of the platform. The number of UWM is limited to 1 billion tokens.

Mission UWM
We create the future.

Mission UWIM: Make blockchain technologies and their commercialization simple, convenient and clear for everyone.

The main task of the UWIM Team is to create an ecosystem where blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies will soon move to a new stage of development and become understandable, easy-to-use tools available to everyone.

Before the UWIM creation, there were practically no popular, prepared solutions in the blockchain industry that absolutely anyone could use to improve the quality of their life (even a child with minimal computer skills).

Why create your own token on UWIM

Having created a token for your business, you will be able to raise funds for its development, introduce your business to a large audience, give bonuses to your customers in the form of loyalty points and create partnership programs.


A personalized token can be a tool for funds investment and accumulation that you can manage as its author. You can quickly and safely save up for an old dream. Having your own token, you reduce your dependence on market manipulation and the global economy.


You can create tokens for your startup development: for commercial and non-commercial projects implementation, scientific research, charity and others. People all over the world will be able to invest in your idea without fees and restrictions.

Eras UWIM chain
The era of origin MVP in force - UWIM Chain v 0.0.1 SEED stage
Era of Growth UWIM Chain v 1.0.1+ is in effect up to height 382 763, Genesis issues UWM Stage PreSale
Era of Action UWIM Chain v 1.6+ operates from a height of 382 764, open tokens are distributed according to tokenomics, Genesis issues UWM according to the release table Sale stage
UWIM Tokensale
The distribution of platform tokens is divided into five stages:
  1. Airdrop for active participation and subsequent Seed (Sell at 0.7 USDT)
  2. Early PreSale stage after reaching the second era (Sell at 1.0 USDT)
  3. The Sale stage starts a week before reaching the third era, allocations on sites will be created, and dynamic pricing for tokens with a lock is available (Sale at 1.25 USDT)
  4. Stage of IDO and placement of allocations on LaunchPad. Bridges to BSC, Ethereum will be available (Sale at 1.5 USDT)
  5. Placement on decentralized and centralized exchanges
logo Own blockchain technology with architecture that assumes a large number of user smart contracts
ellipse1 We create a large number of eco-system products in order not only to enable users to create smart -tokens but also to use them
ellipse2 Network participants can create smart tokens from components by selecting all the necessary functions directly in the console
ellipse3 Network participants will be able to create their own applications and contribute to the library of smart contracts with their solutions
ellipse4 We use cross-chain to connect UWIM with other networks. Besides, the products of the eco-system will also have support for other networks tokens
Ecosystem and technology interactions
Library 1
Standards (contract base) 2
  • MY 3
  • DONATE 4
  • TRADE 7
Extensions 8
  • NFT 9
  • PAYABLE 10
  • ENIT 11
Contracts 12
  • NFT 13
  • DAO 14
Platform Contracts 15
  • LOCK 16
  • VOTING 18
  • FUND 19
Uwim ecosystem
  • Wallet 1
  • Explorer 1
  • Tokens constructor 2, 8, 12
  • Personality tokens 3, 4, 13, 17
  • Platform for donation 4
  • Processing for projects 5
  • LaunchPad 6, 17
  • DEX exchange 7, 10, 11, 20
  • UWIM education
  • NFT platform 9, 13
  • Decision making 18
Uwim ecosystem
Tokens constructor
2, 8, 12
Personality tokens
3, 4, 13, 17
Platform for donation
Processing for projects
6, 17
DEX exchange
7, 10, 11, 20
UWIM education
NFT platform
9, 13
Decision making
business development
Currently, you can already create the following tokens in the smart-token constructor
Standard MY
MY - the base token of the platform, intended for personal use to accumulate and popularize your personality or team.
Standard DONATE
DONATE – a token of thanks - thanks from your audience to you or your team. This toke is mostly used for donation.
BUSINESS – a token of an existing business or project that allows you to get support for your business development. It is enough to tell about your business and write out all the conditions for its development.
Standard STARTUP
STARTUP – a token of your idea that allows you to get support for your undertaking. You need to present the idea in a sufficient and clear way on the Website and think over all the development stages of your project.
Standard TRADE
TRADE – a token that has already passed the stages of development and was listed on the DEX exchange. Users can create pools of liquidity, buy and sell a token instantly.
Standard NFT
NFT – a non-fungible token with unique elements.
Additional UWIM features UWIM
Smart token constructor Create smart tokens in just a few clicks
A unique system of token cards on the network a token can be attached to an individual or a company, all data is recorded in the blockchain
Accreditation an internal data confirmation system will help users receive only reliable information
DEX exchange our own decentralized exchange on the network
DEX support program The network helps owners of new tokens
Lock tokens the ability to transfer frozen tokens through an official contract
Voting built-in voting that will help to determine the right direction for the network development
UWIM Fund a special fund to support development teams and crypto-enthusiasts of the network
Sam Bikbaev CEO
Dima Meru CTO
Roman Kobtsev CMO
Anton Vlasenko CFO
Marat Akhmetshin Frontman
Artur Fritsler Support Manager
Aleksandr Timofeyev Content Manager
Aleksey Skomoroshchenko CAO
UWIM Advisors
Dmitry Fedotov BC Vault Founder

Chief Operating Officer of BC VAULT, a manufacturer of next-generation hardware crypto wallets.

Dmitry is a graduate of the Stanford School for Corporate Executives and the Stanford College of Directors. Work experience in companies specializing in artificial intelligence, autonomous transport, 3D production and digital distribution.

Pavel Entin UNIROCK Partners

Managing Partner of Unirock Partners, an Australian technology investment company. General Director GBC.AI , the world`s first creator of artificial intelligence for blockchains.

26 years of experience, starting from the CFO of multibillion-dollar corporations and ending with an investment banker and the founder of technology companies.

linkedin twitter instagram
Ilya Filinykh CMO

More than 15 years of experience in IT, investment and business. Founded 5 companies on three different continents.

Experience in project management from concept to completion, developing innovative business models and strategies to achieve success. He holds a Master`s degree in Computer Science and Economics from the Russian Technological University and the Institute of Communication Technologies.