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1. Convenient user interface, constructor for tokens and smart contracts creation.
With the web terminal, a user can have a convenient graphical interface, store and use tokens presented in the blockchain and more:
  • Standard templates for tokens and smart contracts creation. Any network user can attach their own token to their address in their personal account. A token is created according to certain conditions (name, total issue, forging, event feed, special smart contracts, delegation, etc.).
  • Similarly, users can create smart contracts. The entire creation process goes through a constructor, which is made to simplify the user interaction with blockchain technology as much as possible.
  • Custom tokens and smart contracts creation and their integration into the business.
  • If a user (person or company) wants to implement non-standard solutions (token / smart contract / api / application), they can use the services of a company. This process starts with an application in their personal account and verification.
If one creates a token, they can use additional tools (DEX exchange listing, crowdfunding, liquidity pools variations). After monitoring and security systems approval, the created token / smart contract is uploaded to the general network and becomes decentralized and accessible to everyone. In the development process, a user will be able to supplement it with new nodes. Old parts are unchanged and directly dependent on the initial conditions.
2. A unique cards system for tokens on the platform
Site and application run with blockchain smart contracts.
Each created user token in the blockchain has a card with the data, which is also a subject to decentralization (each subsequent update is recorded in the blockchain and remains unchanged throughout its existence). The token can be attached to the identity of the owner or company through accreditation.
A person or company consistently goes through the stages of personal data confirmation (the amount and fidelity of data brings each specific token closer to full personalization).
Additionally, a user can attach a specific product or resource to the token after accreditation.
A user can add their product roadmap, content, etc. Each passed stage makes the token more transparent, clear, personalized and attractive for other network members (users and investors).
3. Accreditation.
Accreditation is a centralized platform function that allows potential investors to understand what information about a token has been verified.
A token holder can receive confirmation of the data by providing a personal data proof of himself or his company. The data is manually checked for a fee.
The verification result hash is written to the blockchain and the platform marks the data with its signature (verifies), which no one can forge. The user sees the transparency of the data about the token holder, and that all information is provided and reliable.
The user does not see specific data, but sees the verification checkbox.
4. Unique DEFI (Decentralized finance) exchange.
The exchange between tokens is carried out instantly and automatically without the participation of people through a smart exchange contract DEFI (decentralized exchange).
A “liquidity pool” is created with each couple of main and custom tokens, which determines the exchange ratio.
Moreover, two pools of liquidity from each couple are applied when exchanging a custom token for another token.
A commission is charged when exchanging tokens. This amount is distributed among liquidity providers, but not equally, depending on the size of each participant deposit in the transaction.
Assets can be either deposited or withdrawn at any time from each exchange contract.
Moreover, each token has an additional contract, which allows you to issue additional tokens to the liquidity pool in proportion to all its participants.
To start the token emission, it is necessary to provide the contract with these parameters in advance: time, stages (halving), emission rate and tokens for the liquidity pool.
Example: You have created a token and want to issue it along with the development of your project. You can send a part of the tokens to a smart contract in advance where it will be impossible to withdraw them, and within a certain time they will be automatically distributed among all holders, depending on their deposit.
5. Program for supporting new tokens on DEFI.
A special bonus program from UWIM created to support new members of the platform. Bonus conditions are the same for every new member.
At the start of the project, 300 million coins were allocated as rewards for a separate smart contract creation where you cannot withdraw coins.
UWM coins are additionally issued to the liquidity pool of each token, which allows taking advantage of the tokens created in the first few years of the platform's existence.
6. The perfect token standards model.
We have created a convenient division of tokens into ownership types and standards that are suitable for almost any field of activity. In addition, users have the ability to attach additional smart contracts to each token, expanding the functionality of their project. Tokens with application in the entrepreneurial segment and for private purposes: loyalty programs, donations, startups, solving problems for existing businesses, trade and other variations of application.
Read more token standards
7. Bonus Program - Musk Fund
The project team has always been committed to the idea of ​​supporting startups aimed at the development of humanity and the world.
There were allocated 100 million coins for this fund in advance.
The UWIM team plans to nominate at least 10 well-known experts from around the world who will evaluate the brightest initiatives of the platform participants.
Any team can create a token, show their project and fill in all the relevant details.
Each project that has submitted an application will receive an assessment of independent experts. Based on the results of the assessment and experts voting, the project will be assigned a special status, and a nominated person will receive a reward in the form of UWM (the main unit of the platform) depending on the assigned status.
We believe that this support is simply necessary for new projects, which in the long term are able to benefit the entire world.
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